WCHA Board of Directors

Do you value our mission and want to become involved in our board?  You can contact us at bolincreekcoop@gmail.com  if you would like to apply to be a community board member.  This involves attending regular meetings and participating in management of the non-profit, decision-making, advocacy, and fundraising.  We are always looking for individuals with experience to contribute to our organization, such as those with previous non-profit experience or grant-writing.  We also accept internship opportunities for students who are studying social work or non-profit management.

Current Board


Resident Directors:
Tamara Matheson, President, BCC

Steven Horton, Treasurery, BCC

Mandy Monroe, CRC

Josh Watson, BCC

Rio Taylor, HRC

Community Board Members

Elizabeth Evans, VP, CRC HOA

Hudson Vaughn, The Marian Cheek Jackson Center

Chris Marthinson