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Apartment Available May 1


Interested in landlord-free, community-oriented living?

Bolin Creek Co-op, or The Bog, is a housing cooperative within walking distance of downtown Carrboro. We are interested in potential candidates to move into one 2-bedroom apartment May 1-May 15 2017.
Each unit is over 800 sq. ft and has central heat and air.
The monthly carrying charge (“rent”) is $660/month. Water and electricity are not included and runs about $90/month together give or take.  Wireless high speed internet is covered by the co-op.  We have chickens, a beautiful garden, compost, and a cob pizza oven.

Our mission is to use the cooperative model for housing as means to accomplish six principles: affordability, perpetuity, dweller-control, sustainability, diversity, and community. We are looking for dynamic, enthusiastic individuals with a love of community and grassroots organizing. We are responsible for our land, home maintenance, and fulfilling our financial obligations as a co-op. We conduct meetings based on consensus model of decision-making rooted in egalitarian ideals. Members are expected to attend meetings once a month and volunteer five or more hours (as needed) per month for coop-related tasks such as participating in the board, organizing repairs, attending shared work days, or gardening, for example.

Owners invest a total of $1000 as a share in the co-op ($500 of which is due when you sign your contract, and the other $500 due in addition to first month’s rent). This full amount will be returned to you upon leaving (tentative no damage to apartment), plus $40/mo earned equity beginning after 1 year. We request at least a year commitment, but preference is given to those that can commit to 3 years. Preference or housing is given to those that make 60% or below median income and have a household size of 2 or more, be it friend, partner or family.  The apartments are small, and were built for households of 2-3 persons. We are less likely to accept students at this time as we are currently near our cap.

To apply, please download application below. Applications can be dropped off (100 Crest St. Apt D Carrboro), or e-mailed back to us ( for review, and then an interview may be scheduled.  Because this is affordable housing, applications that do not have income information supplied will not be considered.

Cats and dogs are welcome, but they must be good with other animals and safe around fenced in chickens. No on-site laundry, but there is a laundromat about a block away used by most residents, and it’s 24 hours.

If you are not interested in an entire apartment, there may be some roommate/single rooms available in a shared apartment or at our sister co-ops, HRC or CRC which are also listed above on this website.  For families larger than three persons, Cedar Rock, which has three bedrooms and large living rooms, may be a preferable choice.


We accept applications year round for potential openings and keep them in file.

Visitors are welcome to tour the space and meet some residents! You are also welcome to attend a social event or work day to learn more about how the co op functions.  If you can make co op living a central part of your life, we encourage you to apply.

You are a good fit for Bolin Creek Coop / “The Bog” if:

You have some free time to participate weekly and have many weekends free to be involved.

You enjoy working with others and communicate well.

You envision yourself owning the place you live instead of just renting.

You see yourself as internally motivated and as having some leadership skills.

You like being outdoors and experiencing nature.

You are motivated to do hands on projects like gardening or fixing things.

You want to be part of a community and know your neighbors.

Come to the Hearing on March 22, 2016 to Support Food First Community Kitchen in Carrboro

To RSVP for March 22 hearing, go here:

Starts at 7:30 p.m.  Board Chambers Room 110, Carrboro Town Hall

From the IFC Website: “The IFC has met with the Board of Aldermen to start the process for FoodFirst, but we need your continued advocacy and support to bring this vision to reality!  A public hearing will be held on Wednesday, March 22, 2016, and we would love to see as many friendly faces as possible to speak on behalf of FoodFirst. You can find more details about this project at!”

Statement of Support for IFC Community Kitchen in Carrboro:

Weaver Community Housing Association would like to voice its support of the IFC locating the Food First community kitchen in downtown Carrboro.  WCHA is concerned about public safety for all of its residents and that includes those of low-income and marginalized populations.   Hence, our organization does not support criminalization of the homeless by spreading fear of panhandling and loitering.  The existence of poor residents is not a public safety issue. Tactics such as these have been used by many cities to push the poor and homeless farther out of town where they are invisibilized. We stand with the National Coalition for Homeless and their Homeless Bill Of Rights and recognize that violence and marginalization of the homeless is a national problem.

We also recognize the the Food First kitchen will be supplying groceries to many families who plan to cook meals in their homes and that a focus on fears of “idle persons” is largely unwarranted.  Roughly 1.7 million people in North Carolina live in poverty, which amounts to about 1 in 5 people.  There is an overwhelming need for centralized, community services especially now that the state of North Carolina has stopped supplying food stamps to those without work.  We also recognize that people of color disproportionately make up these affected groups at, by some estimates, roughly 78% of those who live in poverty in our state.  When we choose to make these services less accessible, we do so at a detriment to these marginalized groups.  We ask that Carrboro businesses and the town make the decision to support these community efforts downtown and stand up for those who are struggling in our communities.  We also ask for other local organizations to sign on to this statement.

Weaver Community Housing Association is a non-profit housing association that is owned and managed by low-income residents in Carrboro, North Carolina.  Our mission is to provide permanent, affordable and sustainable housing for low-income families and individuals, and to empower them to make decisions to maintain their homes and communities. See for more info


To have your organization sign on to this letter, contact


Businesses that Support Food First Kitchen